Minding my Mindfulness

Had a lovely walk at Ketteringham Hall with Sue from Walnut Tree Health and Wellbeing…

Wow did we see some serious wildlife!






A baby sparrowhawk shouting

Painted lady butterfly

7 spot ladybird

Meadow brown butterfly



Blackcap and babies

Blue tits and babies

Great tit and babies






Thick legged flower beetles

Soldier beetle

Then as I left I saw

Goldcrest and babies

Nuthatch and babies


Here are some pics. Sorry for the quality if the goldcrest ones. Was also photobombed (photobuzzed Luke said!) As i took a scenic shot


Wilder wildlife

Some of todays wildlife…

Swallowtail Moth

Early Bumblebee

Early Mining Bee

And dodgy pic of Pierre the baby pigeon!

A solitary poppy…

As I stand alone I stare,

I seem to see but have no care,

I hold my head and heart so near

As I look on upward without my fear.

I stand so proud so tall and regal

Resplendent colour and ego of an eagle,

Moving slightly in a breeze,

My story telling as I stand at ease,

Yet on I go within a mire,

Waving softly and yet I never tire,

In so many dreams I share a day,

As I watch others march on their way…

Peter Beales Roses Day 2

Another day at a lovely location. Staff are so lovely and their annual rose event is so nice.

Sadly I didn’t manage to sign as many new members up today, but I still had a lovely day.

Weather wasnt amazing as it was incredibly windy and kept raining, so we had to keep putting the display back into the marquee.

We met some lovely people again and had some amazing conversations.

On the Elm tree next ti the marquee I found an amazing looking caterpillar. It actually had a cheeky face!! It was an elm sawfly larvae. Check out the pics!!

I also came across the most amazing moth ever, one I have wanted to see for so long! The HORNET CLEARWING ! Wow it is stunning!! Again, check out the pics.

There were weevils making baby weevils, hoverflies hovering again, a grass knot moth (it was camera shy!), a moorhen and babies, robins feeding young, greenfinch feeding you, blackbirds gathering food, pied wagtails with birds, a red kite and buzzard on the thermals. A smorgasbord of wildlife!!

Sadly not one butterfly though. They seem to have suffered badly in the unpredictable weather.

I also came across a bee orchid lurking under a tree. A lovely surprise!

Peter Beales Rose Festival

Ah what a lovely location to be recruiting new RSPB members!

The smell of the roses dominated every breath, the colours around us were amazing and vibrant!

Red tailed bumblebees were stuffing their faces everywhere on flowers and clover. Hoverflies hovering… skylarks singing from up high…


I went for a walk around The wildlife garden onsite and saw my first ever Robin’s Pincushion Gall. It is stunning!

(Robin’s Pincushion (also known as the ‘Bedeguar Gall’) is a gall caused by the larvae of a tiny gall wasp, Dipoloepis rosae. It is widespread and common, and can be found developing on the stems of wild roses during late summer, acquiring its reddish colour as it matures in autumn. The grubs inside the gall feed on the host plant throughout the winter and emerge in spring as adults)

Here are a couple of pics I took today, including one of the hoverflies I managed to catch. Myathropa florea

Was lucky enough to meet Brucey the very cute Boa Goat who was rescued by Scratby Donkeys. He loves grapes and kisses!!

Kelling Heath

Ah today was an Artisan Market at Kelling Heath Holiday Park in North Norfolk. A stunning office to have for the day… sadly no takers for Rspb Membership bah humbug… however a smorgasbord of wildlife…

The drive there and back took in..



Roe deer

Muntjac deer

Grey partridge


House sparrows


House Martins

Barn Owl

Plus more that I have probably forgotten!!

Amazing wildlife on site too…

A wonderful Poplar Hawkmoth was found on a draining board so joined us for a days recruiting whilst drying out. A perfect chance to allow people to see it and be wowed!!

Mam and Dad Blackbird were scooting around feeding lots of little ones!

Mam Greenfinch feeding baby greenfinch

Two of the fattest pigeons I have ever seen!!

Lots of Early Bumblebees stuffing their wee cute faces on the flowers.

Hoverflies all over inc dasysyrphus venustus who was very obliging for my camera.

Oh and a mass hatching of Vapour Moth Larvae.

Apparently there have been some Red Squirrel kits born there also, as they are part of a breeding development programme, didnt see them though.

Met some interesting people and had amazing conversations plus lots of coffee!!

Here are a few of my pics for you. Feel free to comment.

All taken on Samsung Galaxy S6 mobile so I do apologise for the quality of the Barn Owl.