Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

The symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) can have a significant impact on your day-to-day life.

Symptoms can appear within days or there may be a delay of months or even years before symptoms start to appear.

Some people with PTSD experience long periods when their symptoms are less noticeable, followed by periods where they get worse. Other people have constant, severe symptoms.

The specific symptoms of PTSD can vary widely between individuals, but generally fall into the categories described below.


Re-experiencing is the most typical symptom of PTSD.

This is when a person involuntarily and vividly relives the traumatic event in the form of:

  • flashbacks
  • nightmares
  • repetitive and distressing images or sensations
  • physical sensations, such as pain, sweating, feeling sick or trembling

Some people have constant negative thoughts about their experience, repeatedly asking themselves questions that prevent them coming to terms with the event.

For example, they may wonder why the event happened to them and if they could have done anything to stop it, which can lead to feelings of guilt or shame.

Avoidance and emotional numbing

Trying to avoid being reminded of the traumatic event is another key symptom of PTSD.

This usually means avoiding certain people or places that remind you of the trauma, or avoiding talking to anyone about your experience.

Many people with PTSD try to push memories of the event out of their mind, often distracting themselves with work or hobbies.

Some people attempt to deal with their feelings by trying not to feel anything at all. This is known as emotional numbing.

This can lead to the person becoming isolated and withdrawn, and they may also give up pursuing activities they used to enjoy.

Hyperarousal (feeling ‘on edge’)

Someone with PTSD may be very anxious and find it difficult to relax. They may be constantly aware of threats and easily startled.

This state of mind is known as hyperarousal.

Hyperarousal often leads to:

  • irritability
  • angry outbursts
  • sleeping problems (insomnia)
  • difficulty concentrating

Other problems

Many people with PTSD also have a number of other problems, including:

PTSD sometimes leads to work-related problems and the breakdown of relationships.

Taken from NHS website.

A long weekend…

Feels like I haven’t had a day off for weeks, I obviously have…

Have been ill with some coldy fluey type bug thing that I still haven’t fully got rid of.

Was working at Rspb Minsmere in Suffolk on Friday and then driving up to Durham straight after… Took us seven and a half hours!! Traffic was diabolical…

Dropped Georgia off at my sister’s to sleep and we went and booked into Days Inn Durham Services. Asked for a ground floor, got first floor but hey ho. Room is basic but we got it cheap so.. swings and roundabouts… Bed was knackered though, we kept rolling into the middle, so sleep kindly evaded us all weekend!

Saturday morning we met Rachel in Durham and had a little wander and a long coffee, we actually woke up to snow so a river walk was out of the question, and the cathedral was undergoing some repairs so we decided to not visit it.

After Durham we headed to my Mams house, it was awful going home and her not being sat there.

We spent a few hours chatting with Ken which was lovely. Lou and Georgia helped Kendra clean a couple of cupboards.

Late afternoon we headed over to Hartlepool Headland and watched some amazing waves crashing over The Heugh, also saw Pomarine Skua, Great Skua, Gannets all flying past. Amazing!

We had been due to go and see our friends Liz and Ken but cos we were ill we didn’t want to pass that on as Ken is ill already. Some things shouldn’t be shared!

It was lovely to see my brother, sister in law and our niece Lilly. Ah they have their work cut out, she’s as sharp as a tack!!

Here are a few pics from a difficult and long weekend…


As the leaves start to fall and autumn begins,

The cold starts to creep down the sun wearing thin,

The temperature drops and we nurture that change

The trees changing colour and long shadows remain.

Trees drop their fruit as a carpet of lustre

Squirrels find nuts

Using all strength they can muster,

An everchanging landscape but who knows what to do,

How to reverse the damage we do?

I revel in the splendour, bathe in the light,

Cherish those moments of the darkest of night,

Listen in wonder at a cacophony of sound,

As a tawny owl calls and it echoes around,

A deer barks in the distance yet it resonates so near

As he seeks out a mate without any fear,

Soon winter will come and a dusting of snow,

Yet onwards we trundle not knowing where life will go.

Pork stock 2018

Squiggly Forbes went to Porkstock at Norfolk Showground today. The event was to raise funds for Nelson’s Journey.

Here are his pictures.

Hook a duck

Helping the polisss

My Mam wants an Evo!

Squiggly and his buddy Horatio creating mayhem and raising awareness

Crafty pigginess



Aldeburgh Food Festival 2018

Well I had the most amazing weekend at Aldeburgh Food Festival in Suffolk.

I met some amazing celebrity chefs

Dhruv Baker (MasterChef Champion 2010)

Thomasina Miers (MasterChef Champion 2005)


Kenny Tutt (MasterChef Champion 2018)

I also did some cooking on the Tiptree Stage, pulled Aspalls pints, busked, worked the Hedgerow Cordial Bar, ate Macarons, messed with Adnams, gorged on Fairfield’s Crisps and rode the New England Boar!! I also saw my first ever sunrise and checked out a Swift box!!!

Here are my pics!!

Behind the scenes on the Tiptree Stage

Pint ?

Ride em cowboy!

Baby 🐒 baby monkey, riding backwards on a pig baby monkey!

There must be crisps in here somewhere!

Very lovely Kenny Tutt

Uncle Dhruv!


Anybody home? Storm the swift…

Oh what a beautiful morning…

Walnut Tree Wellbeing Wildlife Walk

This was my first Wellbeing Wildlife Walk for Walnut Tree, at Ketteringham Hall.

There were four of us… Myself, Mark, Caroline and Stuart. A very enjoyable hour and a half, followed by tea and biccies.

The next one will be Monday 15th October.

Here are a few pictures.

These two 👆👇 taken by Mark Standard (examining flowers)

What we saw!!

Ladies bedstraw

Shaggy ink cap open. Check out those colours!

Shaggy ink cap

Bracket Fungus

Jelly Ear (I think!)

Dead Moll’s Fingers

Ladybird larva

Roarr Dinosaur Adventure Park

A few pics from a very very quiet day. Although it was quiet I got to learn a lot about moths and saw quite a few moths that I’ve never seen before. I think I have all the IDs correct.

Vic the corn snake

Elf (baby newt)

Dragonfly nymph

Great diving beetle


Common Wainscot (mythimna pallets)

Brown-Spot Pinion (agrochola litura)

Black Rustic (aporophyla Nigra)

Lunar underwing

Turnip (agrotis segetum)

Lunar Underwing (omphaloscelis lunosa)

Setacious Hebrew Character (xestia c-nigrum)

Copper Underwing (amphipyra pyramidea)

Beaded Chestnut (agrochola lychnidis)

Small Dusty Wave (idaea artists)

Chestnut (conistra vaccinii)

Satellite (eupsilia transversa)

Pale Pinion (lithophane hepatica) & Lesser yellow underwing (noctua comes)

Light emerald (campaea margaritata)

Pink barred sallow (xanthia togata)

Copper Underwing (amphipyra pyramidea)