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The Way You Smile – Kiki Archer

I have never really been a reader of romance, love, sloppy or even anything remotely close to that, crime fiction is my go to. I love reading the likes of Mari Hannah, LJ Ross, Kate Mosse and Patricia Cornwell, something gritty to get my teeth into. Something to make me think (not always good!)

Last weekend was the inaugural Diva Music Festival held at Vauxhall Holiday Park in Great Yarmouth. A festival of love, beer and music, in whatever order you want! I hadn’t bought tickets as been a bit strapped for cash with various things that have happened this year, lots of travelling the roads! Anyway, there was a competition online 6 days before the event and I entered on a whim, I only went and won 4 tickets and accommodation! We even took my daughter and Dad to go and watch the amazing music! Heather Peace, KT Tunstall, Horse, Lots Holloway, Gabrielle, The Coalition Daisies plus much more..

It was a great weekend and I chuckled all weekend at award winning author Kiki Archers twitter feed and endless witisicm. So much so that I decided to have at look at what she wrote and actuall read her new book.

The Way You Smile has a very easy and likeable plot, girl meets girl, all ends well happy every after, or is it?

Harriet is a very successful and wealthy business woman who meets Camila a not so well off single Mam of two teenage boys (when she joins the company).

An unusual friendship is struck up, but will it be something more? Is it love ? Is it lust? No spoilers here sorry. I will however say that it is a very readable and very enjoyable book that shows class and money are no barriers for something you want.

The book goes through the trials and tribulations of a lesbian loving a straight woman.

It is a very funny book and had me laughing on more than one occasion. I enjoyed the book so much that I instantly read another of Kikis novels, Too Late.. I Love You! Again a story of love and intrigue between a lesbian and a straight woman, but a different plot. This novel for me was even funnier and had me laughing out loud whilst reading, something I haven’t done for a long time. A real belly laugh along with very tender moments in both books, a real heartfelt sensitivity among the humour.

I had a quick catch up with Kiki to ask her some very mundane questions…

What started you writing?

I honestly just thought I’d try. They say everyone has a book in them. But She Is My Student was mine. I knew about being a lesbian and I knew about being a teacher so I put both together in my debut novel.

Why the genre chick-lit ?

Because it is fun, it’s easy to read and light-hearted. Life’s tough enough as it is and everyone needs an escape. My books will make you smile and that makes me happy and really quite proud. (You should be, they and you, made me laugh properly for the first time in weeks!)

What do you read ?

The internet mostly

What is your perfect date ?

Dancefloor at the Diva Music Festival, what’s not to love…

What not to say on a date ?

I know your ex, she’s my ex too! Unfortunately most lesbians do have to say this and we’re all pretty much related. (Am feeling an episode of Jeremy Kyle coming on..)

Where is your favourite place to visit?

Toilet for some peace and quiet from my kids

If you had to choose one of your books as your favourite, which would it be ?

It’s actually Binding Devotion as it’s a bit of a thriller and has more to it than fluff. (Am rather enjoying the fluff!)

What is your perfect Christmas?

With my family, seeing the smiles of my children. That’s true happiness!

And last but by no means least from this lovely lady,

Where would you like to be in five years?

At the Diva Music Festival obviously!

If you want something easy to read that will leave you with a warm fuzzy feeling, read Kikis books!

Kiki Archer

Kiki twitter

Kiki You Tube

Kiki Archer Fb

Until then here is Kiki strutting her stuff at Diva Music Festival 2018!

Thank you Kiki, for making me laugh again x


I live in Norfolk UK with my wife and our animals - Maisie the Cavalier (RIP) ; Spook & Macy our kitties; Nelson & Rits (RIP) our goldfish plus our guinea pigs Elvis (RIP) & Waffle. I love my wildlife and work for a mental health charity. I also enjoy photography and use my Huawei P30 Pro mobile phone . I also enjoy writing, poetry and sketching. If you like anything I post, let me know. Feedback always welcome. I have no time for nastiness and dont suffer fools gladly. I also suffer from Ptsd and depression, an ongoing battle for normality. A difficult thing for others to understand, but very very real.

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